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Professional Lawn Maintenance: Beautiful Yard, None of the Hassle

A healthy, well-groomed lawn takes time and effort. Our lawn maintenance program goes beyond the expectations of regular lawn service to ensure a clean, sharp-looking lawn throughout the season.

We have the equipment, training, and knowledge to identify and resolve issues that a simple mow and go can’t. And when our team sees something that needs to be done, we handle it. Simple as that. We hold every job to a high standard, and meet it using a keen attention to detail and focus on your satisfaction.

Our lawn maintenance program lasts from early spring until late fall and includes:

  • Mowing: Entire lawn trimmed and striped for a clean, professional look.
  • Edging: Detailing the edges for a well-defined, sharp outline.
  •  Shrub trimming: Clipping and shaping shrubs for a pleasant aesthetic.
  • Fertilization and weed control: Treatment and monitoring of lawn to maintain lushness.

To maximize your lawn’s health, we’ve developed a strategic schedule of services for each season.

Spring: Establishing a Beautiful, Healthy Lawn

  •  Dethatching: removing excess living and dead grass shoots, stems, and roots that can increase pest and disease issues
  • Aeration: loosening compacted soil by removing plugs so air, water, and nutrients can reach the roots
  • First treatment: applying crabgrass pre-emergent with a time-release fertilizer to keep crabgrass under control

Summer: Maintaining a Rich, Well-Groomed Appearance

  • Weekly maintenance: regular mowing, edging, and shrub trimming to uphold a professional aesthetic
  • Strategic treatment: thorough monitoring and application for a weed-free, lush, healthy lawn

Fall: Preparing for Winter

  • Final treatment: applying our specially blended fall fertilizer to guarantee a thicker lawn with faster greening next spring
  • Irrigation blowout: winterizing your irrigation system by removing excess water droplets with an air compressor

At Jeremy’s Lawn Service, we take pride in every property we manage. We don’t take your trust in us lightly, and that’s guaranteed to show every time you come home to a freshly cut and blown out lawn.

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