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Fertilization and Weed Control

Maintain the Lushness of Your Lawn with Fertilization and Weed Control

Proper fertilization and weed control methods are essential for ensuring that your lawn will remain lush and healthy for years to come. At Jeremy’s Lawn Service, our licensed experts are experienced with the timing and conditions necessary for effective fertilizer and weed control applications, and they follow that schedule strictly with your lawn. Our program consists of five applications, which will ensure a healthy, weed-free lawn throughout the growing season. Unlike many companies, Jeremy’s Lawn Service guarantees 100% coverage of all products, and you will definitely notice the difference in your lawn.

Our first application is a granular crabgrass pre emergent with a time-release fertilizer applied at the right time to keep crabgrass under control.

Our second application is a liquid broad leaf control with a liquid fertilizer. This will eliminate dandelions, thistle, clover & other noxious broad leaf weeds through the summer months.

Our third application is a mid summer granular fertilizer with a 75% time release that will keep your lawn dark green and fed for up to two months.

Our fourth application is another liquid broad leaf control to take out the second growth of broad leaf weeds in early fall, and is also a perfect time to knock down Creeping Charlie and any other hard-to-kill weeds.

Our fifth and final application is by far the most important. This is the fall fertilizer. In the late season the lawn takes all the nutrients to the root and stores it for the winter months. It is a granular application that we special blend that insures a thicker lawn in the spring and faster spring greening guaranteed!

Throughout the season our professional team will monitor the progress of your grass and recommend any needed services to maintain the maximum health and beauty of your lawn.

Jeremy’s Lawn Service offers a 100% money back guarantee on all services and applications. Our fertilization and weed control experts are fully licensed and insured.

- Minnesota Department of Agriculture Fertilizer License # 20076359

- Minnesota Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Applicator # 20043651, 20113631, 20101776



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