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Maintain a Lush and Healthy Lawn with Fertilization and Weed Control

Proper fertilization and weed control methods keep your lawn looking full, rich, and healthy. Our licensed applicators have extensive training and experience in application timing and conditions. Using their expertise, they set and follow a strict schedule to ensure a lush, weed-free lawn throughout the growing season.

Our program consists of five applications:

  • First application: Granular crabgrass pre-emergent with a time-release fertilizer, strategically timed to keep crabgrass under control.
  • Second application: Liquid broad leaf control with a liquid fertilizer. This eliminates dandelions, thistle, clover, and other noxious broad leaf weeds through the summer months.
  • Third application: Mid-summer granular fertilizer with a 50 percent time-release that keeps your lawn dark green and fed for up to two months.
  • Fourth application: Same as second application to eliminate the early fall growth of broad leaf weeds. This is also when we knock down Creeping Charlie and any other pesky, resilient weeds.
  • Fifth application: Fall fertilizer – by far the most important, as the lawn takes all nutrients to the root and stores it for winter. We special-blend this granular application to guarantee a thicker lawn with faster greening come springtime.

Throughout the season, our team of experts monitors your grass’s progress and provides any necessary recommendations for maximizing your lawn’s health. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we offer a 100 percent money back guarantee to prove it.

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Our fertilization and weed control experts are fully licensed and insured:
Minnesota Department of Agriculture Fertilizer License #20076359
Minnesota Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Applicator #20043651, 20113631, 20101776